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Chipmunks or moles?

I noticed it last summer - my lawn was squishy, uneven, and there were holes all over the place. This year I'm seeing chipmunks EVERYWHERE (on my lawn, on my walkways, running across my deck), and even saw one run into a hole near a retaining wall in my backyard. But my father-in-law swears the holes/squishyness is from moles. How can I tell? I'm almost sure it's the chippies but I wanted to be sure.

Second, how can I get rid of these little $%#@%&s? I don't really care about being humane, I just want my yard back.



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Chipmunks or moles?

If the holes and tunnels are underground, then it's likely from moles... As far as I know, chipmunks don't dig or burrow tunnels. At most, they dig up bulbs or bury nuts and stuff.

Depending on where you are, it could be prairie dogs as well, and they kinda look like chipmunks, but either way it sounds like you have a burrowing rodent problem.

There's different ways to get rid of them, from "humane" to "lethal"... The funniest (and maybe most humane) one I saw is a "prairie dog" vacuum, where they show up with a huge truck mounted vacuum, sund the rodent out of the tunnels and then drive them out to the country to be released.


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