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asbury park 09-11-2012 06:55 PM

Centipede lawn restoration ideas
I've got some ideas to get my centipede lawn in the front yard looking primo. I could be way off and waste my time, so that's why i'm running it through here first.

First, the details: It's centipede grass and i'm in central NC. The sandhills. The lawn is very thick and lush in some spots and very thin and weedy in others. I would estimate 50% is doing well and the rest is a bit spotty. There is grass there, it is just not thick. I follow all the proper guidelines for taking care of the lawn.

My thoughts for next spring:
1) Put down a pre-emergent in early spring.
2) De-thatch and then core aerate the lawn. Rake up the cores because of the sandy and infertile soil. Also, the soil is packed pretty hard.
3) Top dress with Black Kow or another compost and mix with some topsoil to level some uneven spots.
4) Patch some spotty areas with sod.
5) Water and take proper care of the rest of the season.

Any thoughts here?

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