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Andee77 06-18-2012 11:46 AM

Cedar bark spreading
Over the weekend, we have purchased couple yards of Cedar bark and spread in back of our yards. I felt small poking around my wrist because my glove did not fit tightly around my wrist. It looked like it was small wood picking like and I pulled it out and it was fine. I had to wash my hands and face couple of times during spread because something felt itching.

My problem came after spread. I did notice small bumps on my face and around my ears, but it was okay. However, day after the spread, I got a lot bumps all over my face and body (wrist and ankles) and it is bad case of itch.

I had to use vinegar to stop itching because Hydrocortisone Cream didn't help, but vinegar did help stop itch.
But my itch continued and I could not help but scratch because it was so bad and the areas were very angry.

But I am curious as what could have caused this issue?

What can I do prevent this from future because I still need to finish my yard and not sure how to guard myself.

Please help me, if you know anything about Cedar bark that may caused this issue with me.

My sister and my dad were involved in the project, but they were fine.

Thanks in advance.

user1007 06-18-2012 01:39 PM

Was the mulch treated with anything as far as you know? You could be allergic to the substances in cedar oils and so forth or your skin is just sensitive to the roughness of the cedar mulch. Another possibility is that there was something like poison oak or poison ivy clinging to the cedar tree when it was taken down and mulched. I suppose it could have some sort of small mites or other insects in it.

You might try something like Benadryl to see if the allergic reaction lessens. You can get topical ointments with allergy medicines too but I suspect you may need a script. If it is poison oak or ivy there are lots of over the counter products for that but if it gets worse, see doctor.

As for working with it to get the mulch spread? Try dusting yourself with talc. It will temporarily block pores and protect you a bit from some of the oils getting to your skin. I know it is probably hot, but wear long sleeved clothing and full length pants. Tape the ends shut.

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