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capping off rain bird heads?

Hey all,

I have T40 and model 1800 heads. I was on Amazon and I see rain bird sells official "caps". You unscrew your head and remove it, and just screw on the cap. Seems simple.

I've got an area of my property that no longer gets sun thanks to tall trees and I've converted it to pine straw. Don't need to water that area.

So can I just use one of these caps and cap it off? What about pressure? I know of no valves in my system - with 6 heads becoming 5 -now more pressure would go to the remaining 5, right? Perhaps they'd now spray farther than I want.

Related - I've got the 1800 heads with the 1/2 inch small pop up with short sprays. They hit a thin stretch of my lawn on the side of my driveway. Yet my neighbor's sprinkler hits that too.

One head in this zone in near my new veggie garden - so I was going to convert that head to a drip system unit. But can I cap off the other 5-6 heads in this zone, or would that put extreme pressure into the one head with the drip system?

I'd ask Rain bird these questions myself - but they do not have a consumer phone number or email address!


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Rain bird used to have a free (for basics) irrigation help line and design service. Try this?

I am not one that is wild about leaving a bunch of dead legacy irrigation plumbing under pressure with capped risers around the yard. Too easy to break or crack them. If you want to keep the fitting for some later purpose. Dig down, remove the risers, and insert threaded plugs of the correct size into the supply line sprinkler fitting. You will want to use teflon tape on the threads so they do not leak. Take care not to strip the threads on the fitting.

In your case, where it is unlikely you will ever need the circuit you mention. I would dig down and cap the entire supply line to all the heads beyond heads still in use with a permanent glued on PVC or threaded on galvanized (if it happens to be real pipe) end cap.

You might cap the one sprinkler fitting where your neighbor is providing water. If you change neighbors and the new one doesn't water you can then bring that one back to life. Again, if it were me I would not cap the riser but would plug the fitting. I would put a threaded plug into the pipe fitting and remove the riser. Just one less thing under pressure to break. You would not want to glue the plug in should you wish to use the connection again at some future point.


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