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MooF 07-12-2010 07:28 AM

Burned out sod patches, not due to dry/sun..?
We have a new patch of sod freshly laid in May (Southern Ontario region). The sod was watered well for the first two weeks and then we had rainfall in June early July to keep it going. It was doing fine until a week or so ago we had a heatwave and I decided to water the lawn for a good 4 hour soaking. The next day, after the sun dried up the water there were distinct yellow patches as if the sod was burned out. But it's sporadic rectangles, in the shape of the sod pieces. Is it possible I over watered? and if so, why would it look burned out. One problem I recall from this area is that it never drained well and the soil was always soggy, originally, before we did some landscaping and had to replace this patch for other reasons.

I have not fertilized in weeks, so it was not b/c of fertilizer burning.

Any thoughts? I wasn't able to come up with any searches that could explain burning due to over-watering - Thanks!

MooF 07-12-2010 07:37 AM

ok, maybe I found an answer.. would still encourage thoughts please?! thanks!

Brown spots and over-watered grass. This can easily occur if there is inconsistency in watering the entire lawn. It's important to make sure that the lawn all receives the same amount of water. If some places receive too much water, and others don't receive enough, it will cause the grass to wilt and die.

If you are on a slope, then it is important to watch for runoff that may occur when watering your plants. If you think this may be happening, go to the lower places on the slope and make sure that the water has soaked in, or water it again to make sure it is ok. If your lawn doesn't all receive an even amount of water, some places will be over-hydrated, while other places will not be receiving the right amount of nutrients that is needed.

Bad watering techniques may cause your grass to not grow roots properly, to wilt, to brown when it is not needed, and not receive the proper nutrients. By not watering right, your lawn will not be able to grow right. It's important to make sure you have a system that will benefit the lawn throughout the season by knowing what your grass will need in relation to better watering practices.

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