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Originally Posted by DrHicks View Post
I already told you to go get a couple Autumn Blaze Maples - big ones - and plant them. What are you waiting for? Go!

By the way, do you know what kind of Maple that was? That was one danged big tree - especially for no bigger than the main trunk was.
I am looking into those and Red Maples. Thar one was a Sugar whis is quite common in this neighborhood. The neighborhood trees are all in excess of 100 years and do fall and even if they don't fall they have large limbs break off in high winds. This particular tree was historically part of a canopy and had a tree on either side of it. As a result, this tree had a narrow trunk for it's height because it grew up dependant on the adjacent trees for support. It also did not have the round shape of a typical maple but was wider in the East to West orentation.

Unlike our neighbors that previously owned the bungalow next door, we did not just hack this tree dwon to prevent leaves from gathering in the gutter. Here are a few pictures I found from recent years/seasons. The view from the back of the house sort of demonstrates the narrow profile I was talking about.
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Big tree down, now what?-2009aug20_5.jpg   Big tree down, now what?-2010may13house1.jpg   Big tree down, now what?-2010may13house9.jpg  


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^ Yeah, now that you mention it, being part of a line of trees would lend itself to making the tree taller than if it was standing alone.

I love trees. I planted several hundred of them when we lived on our acreage in Minnesota, and have planted about a dozen here where we now live. But there are circumstances that dictate their removal. We currently have a massive walnut tree that stands about 25' from our house, and has enormous branches hanging over the roof. It needs to be taken down, even though I hate to see it happen.

A lot of people on this forum love to diss Home Depot, but we bought all 5 of our Red & Autumn Blaze Maples there, and they're all doing great. They were the $99 trees, that stand about 15' tall, and had about a 4' root ball. This picture is from the first full year after I planted them (I planted them in the fall). They're quite a bit larger now.
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Originally Posted by chrisn View Post
BTW, that tree certainly looked perfectly healthy, whose idea was it to cut it down? I think you're wife had every reason to cry.Did you have a certified aborist look at i tfirst?

By the time ANY tree gets 50 feet above the house, we will be LONG gone from this earth. Don't worry about it and plant whatever you like.Just NOT a Lombardy poplar
I'm no arborist, but the tree didn't look healthy to me. The canopy wasn't especially thick, and it seemed cocked to the side.
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Originally Posted by handy man88 View Post
I'm no arborist, but the tree didn't look healthy to me. The canopy wasn't especially thick, and it seemed cocked to the side.

look at the most recent pic, sugar maple was perfectly healthy and would probably have stood there another 200 years or more.

Taking it down was a personal choice and I am not saying the op made a bad one, maybe a miss informed one, but it was his tree and his( or hers) decision, so who am I to say? It is a moot point now. Whatever you plant there is never going to get as big in our lifetime. Personally,I like the Sugar Maples( native) but the hybrids that the Dr, proposed are very colorful and grow relatively fast.


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