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syren 04-19-2010 12:05 PM

Best way to start fresh on an existing lawn?
I just purchased a late last fall. The front lawn is about 2500 sq ft, The grass is in bad shape right now. There are a lot of broad leaf weeds (Ajuga from what the lawn and garden center told me), moss, and some other type of tall, thick weed. My PH seems to be OK in my soil.
What I have tried:
First I put down a treatment of Ortho weed killer, a 5,000 sq foot treatment. A week later, the weed were sort of turning brown but not dying off. I put another 5,000 square foot treatment down, same result. I think tried to Round up the heavy spots just to kill everything. That sort of worked but I don't think I used enough.

Should I just till the whole lawn at this point? If I do, will that kill my weed problem or will it keep growning under and start popping up? I'd like to just till it, put some lime, fertilizer down and just start fresh but i'm worried about weeds popping back up.

chenzarino 04-21-2010 01:08 PM

I bought last spring and my yard was coated in dandelions. I gave it a few treatments with Scotts Turf Builder and they were all gone in a few weeks. I have Trugreen coming in this year to do their treatments(buddy works for them so got a great deal) and they claim to be able to kill off weeds, insects, etc. so we will see.

downunder 04-24-2010 03:24 PM

Always tell your location in landscaping/gardening posts!

Which particular Ortho weed treatment did you use? Was it a liquid or granular?

Read the label for proper application info. If the product does not perform as indicated, contact the mfg for assistance. Please do not just wholesale dump more and more chemicals if the process is not working. Find out why! If I am reading correctly, you have applied five times the needed amount of herbicide here thus far. I am not against chemicals at all. I use them on a regular basis. I know what to use, how to use it, where and when. I'm not really that smart, all of that is on the label.

Just tilling it all up WILL NOT remedy your weed problem. They will come back.

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