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Best time to fertilize and seed a lawn with clay soil?

I have clay soil in the back and front yards of my house, and unfortunately whenever it rains, the water tends to pool and not soak into the soil very much.

I just moved into this new house, and just had the lawn aerated this past weekend (March 18th) as I can guarantee it's never been done before.

It's only March, so should I bother fertilizing and seeding yet? The weather for Burlington Ontario has been tremendous lately and next week the coldest it will be is 7 degrees Celsius.

Should I have bothered getting my lawn aerated yet? Especially if I can't fertilize or seed this early in the year?


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I'm not an expert in lawns, or your area, but I don't think you can hurt anything by aerating in the fall and rolling in the spring. I don't know that you need to overseed.

If you want to just aerate and not roll, that is fine.

It is best to do your spring work in the fall.


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Aerating in the spring is fine. What in fact you are doing is removing plugs of soil so that it can expand and be less dense. Helps root development which is particularly important in clay soil.

At this time of year you can also do some soil improvement, either by spreading some hummus over your lawn in a thin layer, or even topsoil. They also sell specialized amendments for clay soil as well. What any of these will do is start to establish a layer of better balanced soil on top of the clay. Do a little bit every year, in a thin layer and it will sift down to the grass roots. You don't want to cover the grass, just amend it.

I you really need to reseed, do that now because you're going to want to hold off on the fertilizer for six weeks or so.
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A German guy told me once what humus is.

"Humus ist das, was das Burm humus."

Humus is that, what the "Burm" (Boden) haben muss.

Maybe you had to be there.
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I live in NW GA and have clay content as well. When I bought my house three years ago the yard was 90% weeds. Once a year I've applied lime, core-aerated, applied soil activator, over-seeded, and followed a 5-step program from a local nursery, kept up on weekly watering. The lawn is now 95% grass and it looks awesome. I'd recommend getting your soil analyzed so you know how to fertilize.


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aeration , clay soil , grass seed , lawn seed

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