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denemante 08-22-2011 11:13 AM

bermuda got LONG - am I in trouble?
We were alway for a month so had a crew mow our lawn. I've always heard bermuda grass should be kept 1-2 inches. When we got back, it looked very nice - but was long.

When I look at each blade of grass, they are about 4 inches long. The top 1/2 is green - and the lower 1/2 is tan.

You would lose golf balls in this stuff.

It does still look nice. But now, if I lower my mower blade at all, I'm going to chop off the green down to the tan. I fear the whole lawn will look tan and not come back to green this season.

Also - while it looks nice, it's starting to fall over, get flattened by rain, etc.

Anything I can do here? Will perhaps a hefty cut down to 2 inches make it look tan - but it would come back in a week?

Jackofall1 08-22-2011 11:20 AM

I would take it down over multiple cuts, lower your blade no more than 1/2" each cut until you get down to 2" height. Hope you mower has the gumption to cut it.


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