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joeyboy 06-13-2007 07:00 PM

Anyone in central FL with a great lawn? What variety did you use?
I'm getting different answers no matter who I ask, be it websites, books, personnel at retail outlets, neighbors, whatever.

I'm in Pasco county, near Tampa. Minutes away from the beach. The soil is total sand here, and we have a TON of dirt, compost, peat moss, etc that we're about to till into our soil to make it work.

I have several bags of bermudagrass, but am starting to second guess it. The favorites around here seem to be bermuda, bahia (varieties??), and st.Augustine.

If anyone's from my area and has somethign to share, I'd love to hear it. After all the roundup, acquiring all those soil amendments, tilling, fertilizing, seeding, watering, etc, I don't want to finally realize after it's too late that I should've done another variety...

joeyboy 06-25-2007 09:47 PM


sflamedic 06-25-2007 11:45 PM

Im in Broward county a few hours south east of you, most people here have st augustine grass. Go to a local nursery and ask them what to do. I have one i go to called nu turf and they are great. My lawn was just fertilized and is now growing in fast and full. Good luck.

joeyboy 06-26-2007 06:48 PM

Awesome! I will check out st. augustine now! Thanks for the tip!

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