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AGWhitehouse 07-17-2012 10:02 AM

Any "free" ideas?
I'm building a patio in my backyard that started with extensive underground drainage work. I did all the trenching and stone hauling by hand with shovel/buckets/wheelbarrow and...I pulled a muscle in my shoulder....:furious:

Now I have a dilemma, I need 4 tons of process moved from my driveway to the patio bed (behind the house). The last 4 tons of drainage stone was shoveled into buckets, carried up the stairs and dumped into a wheel barrow located at the left red arrow. Now I can't handle the bucket part. I've acquired a tractor trailor to replace the wheel barrow, and I can muster shoveling with my one good arm in a week or so and with the help of the wife.

SOOO, any ideas on how to get 3/4" process from the purple circle to either of the red arrows without using man power? can't cross the orange X's or my wife will kill me (blooming flower beds). No tractor/truck access from road as the grade is too steep. It's gotta go up the steps/walls. I'm looking for "free" ideas. I have a bunch of scrap material and misc. stuff at my disposal and am willing to build something so long as it's free. If materials cost too much I'll just rent a dirt conveyor ($200/day).

Thunder Chicken 07-17-2012 10:19 AM

Have any kids in your immediate or extended family? Invite them over for a family get-together, cook up some burgers and hotdogs, divide the pile into two teams, provide buckets and shovels, and play "first-one to get their pile over the wall gets $100". Crack a beer and watch the show. :thumbup:

Not free, but relatively cheap, potentially fun, and you remain the ultimate judge of when the job is done.

biggles 07-17-2012 10:49 AM

beers & burgers for a couple of adult neighbors and work the right side.5 gallon buckets lifted up to the wall dumped into the wheel barrel and up it goes into the back..maybe rent another wheel barrel ...forget the stairs on the left you'll be sleeping on the couch before the day is over....:wink:.i thought lifting the buckets up into the window above the garage then walk them thru the house to the back...wifey might ace that brainstorm:huh:.might connect with some local high school guys doing football summer training for the upoming season great exercise in the heat.

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