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emory 11-14-2011 09:12 AM

Any advice on how to locate water lines?
I purchased a foreclosed home back in June. It had been sitting empty for the last three years and had been winterized. So far I have located two underground water lines. One going to a sprinkler head, as they seem all over the yard. The other feeding the pool house. And in all fairness, it was the septic tank guy who found that one! I was able to shut the water off at the street and repair those connections. My problem is, I have no idea where any valves are to shut off anything. There is a valve in the house that cuts off water to the house, but nothing outside. I also located the sprinkler box in the garage wall that controls the sprinklers (I think). It has a plug to go into the wall, but I have never tried using it as a bunch of sprinkler heads in the yard look damaged.

The plastic pipe feeding the pool house was blue and the other pipe was white. Is there a way to locate the valve(s) underground so that I can shut them off? With winter around the corner, I see more busted pipes in the future. And I tried contacting the past owners, but no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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