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Gary Sutherland 07-02-2010 10:45 PM

Another blower/vac question
I need a vac because the wind here blows a lot of debris up the long driveway and elsewhere, and I want to pick up the worst of it before I blow everything around.

I have an Echo ES210, and I'm pretty happy with it as a blower. But as a vac it's a lousy design, especially if you want to convert back and forth often. The tubes don't fit well, are a pain to change, (the vacuum tube uses a screwdriver and hose clamp) and the vac clogs easily.

I'm considering a Stihl SH-86. Since I have the Echo as a blower, I would probably leave the Sthil set up as a vac. I've read lots of reviews that rave about the Stihl as a blower; anyone use one regularly as a vac? If you've also used the Echo, how do they compare? The Stihl is pricey for home use but worth the money to me if it really makes things easier, because I have to clean this area so often.

The only real negative I've read about the Stihl is many people complaining that they're pretty hard to start.

I'm certainly open to other brands if there's something you can recommend.

Thanks for any advice...


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