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joeyboy 04-18-2008 03:54 PM

am I making a big mistake doing this?
Alright, my (FL) turf is bermudagrass.

However, I'm starting from seed (plus my dormant bermuda coming back from last year), and, given our sandy soil that doesn't hold water, there are a bunch of patches that are next to impossible to get the grass seeds (bermudagrass seeds) to germinate. The soil can be watered 4X/day, and it still dries out, and the seeds never germinate in these spots.

I don't have nearly enough solid spots of bermuda to take any sod/plugs from to work with these sand patches.

I just grabbed a handful of sod patches of saint augustine to lay in these bad spots (I'll be breaking them to smaller chunks/plugs).

My only concern is I'll be running with 2 different turf specimens. Is this gonna cause any unforeseen problems? I know they'll look a lil different, but that shouldn't matter much. Also, mowing heights are comparable enough that I won't be scalping one section while barely hitting another or anything like that.

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

joeyboy 04-26-2008 08:33 PM

well, I'm still pretty torn here....

Since I haven't heard/found anything on this issue, I've just been doing the mix out back. Lawn is fully *seeded* with bermuda, has dormant bermuda from last year, but the sod I'm using is st. augustine. So, I'm making my own plugs of bermuda from out back, using those up front to keep the front (more important) lawn uniform, and using the st augustine sod/plugs (been cutting the sod into plugs) out back.

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