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axhame 10-21-2010 10:12 AM

Aeration and Overseeding Help
I got a Quote from a law care company of $1000 to do a triple Aeration and Overseeding. I also got a quote from another national company for the same Job for $450. The national company gave me the estimate over the phone by looking at my lawn through some satellite software. The first company did actually look at my lawn and recommended the job.

My lawn is pretty much not existent.

Here are my questions

Should I get this job done first of all. Does a triple Aeration and over-seeding help a lawn that has very little grass showing.

Why the price differential

Can I do this my self by renting some equipment. I am pretty handy

Or I have no hope but to just have a new lawn planted and is over seeding not planting ?

I would appreciate any advise on this. Thanks in advance.

kredman 10-21-2010 12:46 PM

How large is your lawn? You can rent a core aerator for less than $100 for the weekend. Good seed is about $3-5/lb.

Over-seeding is basically seeding an already-existing lawn, adding new seed to replace old, tired grass.

I over-seeded my lawn for the first time a few weeks ago (just bought the house) and it's turning out great. It's gone from splotchy, patchy grass to a fuller, nicer looking lawn.

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