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Mike2181 07-18-2010 02:27 AM

Advice for new patio area
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I have a section on the side of the house I chose for my patio area. It's right off the side door of my garage. Out the garage door you walk right out to a sidewalk and then the open lawn area which is 18'6" long to the fence and it's 20' wide before a tree interferes with the landscape on the right, so thats the max open area I have to work with. I'm on a corner lot with a busy/lighted intersection so this area looks right out to the road where drivers are flying by and sitting at red lights. My goal is to make this a nice, semi private area for the wife and I to relax, cook, etc....

I have some ideas but not sure if they are practical or if I'm missing something important before I get going on this. Here's a sketch to give a rough idea of the layout I'm working with. The gray is obviously concrete sidewalk, light green lawn and darker green is some of the shrubs/trees. Dark black lines are chainlink fencing. Red is just showing where the gate doors are, brown is garage door and blue shows house doors.

Now the fencing is 4' chainlink so I want to put up some sort of privacy but I can't put up 6' wood fencing being I'm on a corner. Also, I don't want the pavers to go right up to the fencing so I'm thinking about possibly creating some sort of mulch/shrub beds along both the top and left fencing in the patio area with either 8' wood timbers or brick edging. I was thinking maybe arborvitaes could go along the top fence to create some privacy from the road, with that I would have to keep the beds low with one row of wood or brick. Otherwise I could stack up the wood edging to make a higher bedding area and then fill them with some other type of plants/shrubs for privacy? Then the pavers/bricks can fill out the rest of the open lawn area.

Anybody have some good/creative ideas on how to make this a nice little area with some privacy? My corner property has roads on the side front and back, only the other side shares the property line with a neighbor. I'm completely wrapped in chainlink fence so I'm really looking to create so sort of privacy somewhere in the yard. Open to any ideas and appreciate any feedback given. Thanks.


Ron6519 07-19-2010 09:52 AM

Plants a line of conifers along the fence. Go to the local nursery for recommendation of species.

Mike2181 07-19-2010 08:48 PM

Ok thanks, I'll look into them.

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