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DIY_user 12-17-2006 10:33 AM

wobbly stair wood railing
I have a curved stair case. One side is attached to the wall and the other side is open. The open side has a wood railing with 2 balusters per tread and goes from the second floor to the main floor. The end of the railing at the main floor is not a post but just 4 balusters in a circle. So there is no stronge support at the main floor end. The top of the baluster is attached to an iron rail with nut and the wood railing goes on top of the iron rail. Over 20 years of use the railing is a little wobbly. I have tightened all the nuts on the top of the balusters. But it has little improvement. It is probably the joints between the baluster and the tread is loose. The stair case is carpet covered. I was wondering if I can just toe nailed each baluster without removing the carpet as a quick fix.

jbob 12-18-2006 09:28 AM

These over the post systems with outward volute and no bottom
newel post are notorius for loosening over the years. A real
pain in the neck to fix.

The best solution is to remove the balusters on the riser that
supports the volute, and install a newel post with one of the
many bolt-down hardwares that are available.

Sorry, but toe-nailing the balusters won't help for long.
The rail will be loose again within a few days of normal

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