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rightit 11-17-2011 02:42 PM

Window advice
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I'm currently converting my garage to an office space. I'm about ready to remove the garage door and build the outer wall.

Pertinent Facts:

1. wall will be bricked with original brick.
2. The existing window shown is just under 70" from sheetrock to sheetrock
3. The other front facing windows not shown are 34 3/4" sheetrock to sheetrock.


1. Any reason not to buy from Lowes or Home Depot?

2. Design: I'm thinking go with the same style window (vertical slide, same size) as is shown for symmetry, but am open to better ideas.

3. The existing windows are single hung. I think there are (minor) advantages to the double hung (i.e., tiltout cleaning on both panes, crack top pane open for circulation). What do the experts recommend and why?

4. Any good sites describing the proper method for installing a window on a stud wall that will receive brick?

5. Related to our existing windows (and maybe the new one?) Security. In other homes, the windows have had a slim frame,allowing me to use sliding window locks (with the turn screws). However, with the double insulated windows we have, they won't work, as the "slide frame" is too big to acommodate the safety locks we've found (see images).

I like these locks for the addidional security, plus we can then open our windows at night and not worry, as the locks would only allow the windows to slide up 2" (or however far up I place the locks). Any ideas on this one? Lowes and HD don't even seem to grasp the concept nor carry a safety lock that will fit?

Sorry for the multiple questions...just trying to cover the bases first time around. Thanks for any help :).

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Attachment 41123

TheCamper 11-27-2011 06:57 PM

The Home Centers are fine to purchase windows from but the deciding factor for me is; does the Home Center have the exact same window as the existing windows on the front of the house. Anytime you do an alteration or addition it should look like it was original construction. I prefer double hungs over single hungs for residential installations for the reasons you cited, you can open the top sash to aid in air circulation. You should be able to get a double hung to match the appearance of the single hung. When you do purchase the window ask the sales person if they have a night latch for that particular window.

As far as a website for installation specs you might want to try the Marvin Windows website. They have a wealth of information and great detail on installations.

good luck with the project.

rightit 12-01-2011 05:42 PM

Hi Camper,
Thanks for your response. Having checked around, this is definitely a custom window, as its height is around 44". The local window company in my area are actually a bit cheaper than Lowes. I've decided to build my wall, frame in the window (paying particular attention that the bottom of the frame lines up with the bottom of the frame on the existing adjacent window, as the brick will make any significant discrepancy obvious) and then get pricing and order. Thank you for the site links. I love pdf files. I also found a lot of info and videos by googling the terms "new window installation and flashing".

Again, thanks for your help :).

pyper 12-06-2011 01:40 PM

To me, double hung is the only way to go. I love opening windows from the top, especially if it's raining.

Or -- open one from the top and another from the bottom and make use of the chimney effect.

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