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KUIPORNG 08-07-2007 03:33 PM

Why not build the basement wall/ceiling like cottage?
I was off a cottage and find the owner build its wall/ceiling solely use pine wood strips.... and to me that look very nice too...., note this is different from those big flat wood panel which looks so ugly... this is those narrow strips like laying hardwood floor except on the wall... I was wonder why people not doing that for the basement... to save a lot of mudding effort.... may be if you know why let me know.... although I done my basement, but one of my friend intend to do his... and he is wondering this option.... any pros/cons with this approach? or if this against the code?

Ron6519 08-09-2007 04:11 PM

The wood look was big in the '40's and '50's with knotty pine basements that were shellacked. Over time these turned a fairly dark orange. And since basements in those days were lit with one or two 40 watt lighting fixture it lgradually looked like a dungeon. Then in the '60 and '70's wood paneling made an appearance. And it was actually wood. Oak paneling was oak, walnut paneling was walnut, it was a crazy time. Now you get a picture of oak and a picture of walnut. All of these were good for DIY because they didn't have to plaster/compound. This is an acquired skill and it would take longer to acquire it then they wanted to invest. Most wouldn't live long enough anyway.
People now sheetrock the basements so it doesn't look like..., well a basement. It's bright, well lit, maybe even one of those pesky code required egress windows(not really).
So why go to the added expense of wood if you're going to paint it anyway?

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