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oiler39 04-27-2014 09:21 AM

What do I do next? Tub installation question
I am still at my rookie run at a total bathroom remodel project but have come across a dilemma on order of sequence

All demo work is done and have exhaust fan / electrical & ceiling installed
I planned to install walls next and have purchased hardi-backer board for shower / tub area but reviewing instructions & video etc... they indicate that board should be installed 1/8 inch above tub and floor but I have not installed tub yet and have not laid flooring -
I was going to do floor near the end but now am unsure??

Any ideas to move project forward?

Also when installing new tub should I install a hardi-back layer on sub-floor prior to setting tub in place or can I set on wood floor (that is how tub I removed / original was installed)?

joecaption 04-27-2014 09:35 AM

Tub is set on the subfloor. Make 100% sure the tub is installed according to the manufactures directions and sits level in both directions.
You did buy one with a lip around the three edges, right?
Tub is set before tile board goes in on the walls or floor.
Have you checked to see if the floor joist, subflooring meet the specs for tile?
Just keep the tile board up a little from the underlayment, you do not have to account for the tile thickness, tile is run up to the wall leaving a gap for expansion.

oiler39 04-27-2014 10:54 AM

OK thanks for your response Joe
I do have a tub with 3 edges and will work on the installation of tub next

I have not purchased my flooring materials yet - so when you say make sure the sub-floor / floor joists meet specs for tile?
where is this information found?

Also your comment "keep the tile board up from underlayment" do you mean the tile board should have a space / gap between tub and / or floor tiling?

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