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wrea398 08-22-2010 11:05 AM

Tub Surround Re-Do Questions
I just gutted a bathroom with a 30" x 60" tub with a 3 piece fiberglass surround. I also replacing the drywall with Hardibacker because I am tiling the new surround after installing a new tub/shower. I had a question about the walls and rough opening. The old 70s bathroom had a tub only with no shower. When removing the surround and drywall on the 3 walls, I found Celotex on the wall opposite the wet wall. If I add the Hardibacker just as the drywall was installed, everything will fit just fine as it should with no gap on either side. My question is about the Celotex on the one wall getting hit with the most water. I am using Kerdi membrane over the Hardibacker on all 3 walls. Will the Celotex be OK underneath or should I remove it first. If I do then the R/O is alot wider and I will have to work with that gap. I have to shim the CBU out to clear the tub lip and this larger gap would only make it harder. Most remodels I see show open studs only around a bathtub and then a vapor barrier and CBU. No vapor barrier is required underneath when using Kerdi, Redgard, etc. Will the Celotex act as a vapor barrier on the inside and cause any issues like a vapor trap under the Hardibacker and Kerdi ? Will the Celotex rot under there? Your thoughts? Thanks!

Blondesense 08-23-2010 12:25 PM

First of all, it would be nice to know where you are located. It can make a difference.

I'm not an expert by any means, but I've been getting an education reading these boards.

I have not heard of Celotex. While I have to admit, that is not saying much, it may be a product others here are unfamiliar with. It may help if you could provide a link on it, what it is made of, uses, etc.

I did a quick google and did find asbestos connected to the company name. That is something to keep in mind if you decide to remove it.

wrea398 08-23-2010 01:23 PM

Celotex RE
Celotrex is a fiber insulation board used under siding etc. It has a black exterior and fiberous cross section.The asbestos was found in products made before 1972 and the fiberboard was not one of them. Very common in the north east. Im in Pa. and I see it everywhere in construction around here. My house was built in 1978 and it was installed then. Its used as a vapor barrier under siding mainly. This is why I was concerned with it having the same effect in my bath. I removed it last night only from the one 30" wall. I now have an inch gap to deal with. Most likely I will center the tub so I have 1/2" on both ends and will spacer the CBU out over the tub flanges.

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