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blithedejection 01-11-2013 01:39 AM

Too many additions to old house, need help
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My house is a 112 year old shotgun that I purchased 2.5 years ago. It's undergone extensive remodeling in that time, but I'm sort of "stuck" at the moment.

The original house was 3 rooms, which are now bedroom, living room, kitchen. An addition was added to the back of the house, spanning the full width of the structure & allowed for a bathroom. Then someone added another addition onto the first addition. The last owner decided to add yet another addition onto the additions, pulling them around the side of the house toward the front yard, adding a second bedroom of sorts.

My issue right now is that the bathroom layout is awful & made worse by the presence of a gas water heater.

While the kitchen layout was much improved last spring, it still sucks. The washer & gas dryer are on 2 different walls, basically in opposing corners (with a dining table between them). The washer is on a (now) interior wall & that load bearing, former exterior wall, has become a water wall. While I'd like to rearrange things, I'm not sure what the best layout would be or how feasible it is without doing an extensive rework of the plumbing.

For example, the gas meter is at the front corner of the house. The gas line wraps around the corner of the house & extends 50 feet externally, before entering the house beneath the bathroom floor (which is a wood framed floor on a slab). It feeds the water heater & then continues through the original foundation into a crawl space with no access, coming up on the wall furthest from the bathroom. At that point it feeds the dryer & stove, then continues toward the living room to feed the furnace.

As there is no crawl space access (yet), I've been putting off relocating pipes. Former owners simply cut numerous access spots into the hardwood floors. I pried up a small piece of floor & stuck a camera under to get a better idea of what's what. The gas line that feeds the furnace comes from a corner toward the center of the room where the furnace is. The crawl space is fairly shallow & the main trunk of the duct work runs down the middle of the room. The end result? Duct work laid on the soil directly below the gas line & the duct has long since rusted out on the bottom.

I want the water heater the heck out of the bathroom but have no clue where to move it to. Also, I'd like the washer & dryer out but can settle for a stacked setup.

I apologize if this post is confusing, it's late & I'm a little stressed. I've attached a jpeg (created in Paint) to give you some idea wth I'm talking about. Any suggestions that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

**The water line comes in from the street & enters the house under the kitchen sink, at which point it splits & enters the bathroom thru the wall. The sewer line is a straight shot from the toilet out to the street.**

carpdad 01-11-2013 07:48 AM

The arrangement you have uses the space with maximum efficiency, almost european style.
I would start with washer/dryer. Find a space-new alcove, closet, free standing cabinet. If not rearranging the given space, an addition for utilities.

joecaption 01-11-2013 08:08 AM

Loks like you really could use someone one site to look that one over.
Looks like someone tryed to fit a Qt. of jello in a Pt. jar right now.
Just off the cuff I'd be concidering add still another addition or better yet a garage to add storage and give you a place to put the washer, dryer, water heater.

rossfingal 01-11-2013 08:23 AM

Open up the crawl space -
for access.
You should do something about rusted-out heating ducts.

blithedejection 01-11-2013 09:33 PM

The rear yard is 25' wide, 20' deep & houses a 9'x10' shed.

We considered adding an addition to the back of the house, directly behind the bathroom, for utilities. Given the additions' roofs & height of the bathroom ceiling, I expect we would have to rip them all off & rebuilt during the process.

My main concern with that route has been cost. How much would it cost to add an addition 5' 6"x9' 6" to house utilities, plus the cost of moving the water lines, gas lines, etc & rebuild the roof on those areas? The rear bedroom has a block foundation & no crawl space, bathroom is on a slab.

joecaption 01-11-2013 09:42 PM

Going to have to make some local calls if you want any pricing.

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