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perpetual98 11-27-2007 08:43 AM

Swapping exterior door
Hi all. Not sure if this should be in this area of the forum, but here goes.

We have a breezeway between the garage and the house. The house has an exterior door on it from I assume back when the house and garage weren't attached. There's also an exterior door from the breezeway to the outside. That particular door has a small maybe 8"W x 16"T window in it. Over the weekend, some of the cheap, ugly, plastic molding came partially off of the entry door to the house. I was going to rip the rest of it off until I noticed that there were some anchors in the steel door.

Cutting to the chase, I found a door that I liked at Home Depot for a price that I could live with and it has a nice faux-stained-glass window in it (about 1/2 of the door roughly)

What we'd LIKE to do is move the current breezeway door to the house, and put the new nicer door in the breezeway since that will be getting the most first impressions.

Would you recommend ripping the pre-hung house door totally out, do the same with the breezeway and swapping them, or would it just be easier to take the house door off and try to get the hinges to line up with the breezeway door? I measured and the hinges are really close, but you know the odds of those doors being hinged exactly the same are probably slim to none. I can probably chisel some of the wood from the framing if I need to move a hinge up or down 1/8" or so, so that would lead me to believe, at least on the house door, it might be easier to just try to move the breezeway door and move that to the house.

I may be the new king of run-on sentences. :)

NateHanson 11-27-2007 01:36 PM

Is the existing breezeway door really nice? Worth keeping? Will it form any sort of weatherseal with it's frame, or with the other frame if you swap them? For all this work, would it be worth buying a new door for the house as well? You could probably try to hang the door on the existing frame, but I think it'll take longer than putting in a new door and frame combo. And if you take out the door and frame from the breezeway, it might not survive that demo intact.

Old doors are such a source of heat loss in cold climates that I wouldn't hesitate to put a good new door in the house if I were you. What'll it cost? $300 maybe?

perpetual98 11-27-2007 01:50 PM

That makes sense I suppose. The breezeway door isn't what I'd call "really nice" but it's not bad. I wanted to replace it because it's the first thing that people see when they come to the door. By no stretch does it NEED to be replaced. The house door is what I'm most concerned with at this point, I just wanted something nice looking.

XSleeper 11-27-2007 05:55 PM

I wouldn't dink around trying to remove and reinstall an old door when you can get a new prehung for under $200 at a big box store. You may think that the old door is in pretty good shape until you try to remove it.

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