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colesy 04-06-2013 08:27 AM

Suspended Ceiling Question
I have installed suspended ceilings quite a few times before and never ran into this. The dimensions of the part of the room I am installing the ceiling in is 12'x20'. So I thought that would work out perfect and run the 12ft main tees on the 12' span.

I just got looking at the 12' tees we bought and the punch outs for the cross tees has me a little confused. There are holes every 6" starting at 3". So it pretty much makes in impossible to have even tiles. The center of the main tee doesn't have a punch out, and if you go 12" on each side of the center, there aren't punch outs either. So even if our room was 10' across and you took 12" off each end of a main tee, you still run into the same issue.

Are there different types of main tees, or am I just going crazy here? I had a look at a few other main tees hoping they maybe just messed this one up, but they were the same.

Can anyone out there offer me some help? I hope I am just missing something here.

colesy 04-06-2013 03:48 PM

Well I figured it out. These pretty much have to run length wise, which in most cases will be perpendicular to your floor joists. In my case running them width wise would be a lot easier, but it won't work. The reason why the main tee holes are 6" OC starting at 3" is if you need to connect two main tee's together. So now I will have to recalculate what I bought and see if I have enough stuff to complete it.

I guess I have never done a room that was longer than 12' before which is why I never ran into this issue. You learn something new every day!

Windows on Wash 04-07-2013 08:18 AM

Good Job.

Keep up the good work!! :thumbsup:

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