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Suggestions (or help) with mold problem under / behind tub

I removed the panel from the front of the tub. There is mold under there, growing on the walls. Under the tub on the bottoms of the walls, on the three sides (well, as much as I can see).

What am I supposed to do now? Rip out the tub and all the walls? I can't reach it to clean it, not to mention that they say (being many websites) you can't kill it forever, it will come back until it's removed. Oh, and wear a respirator while removing it - like I have one handy.

I am very discouraged. Very. It really (after researching) seems like the tub & drywall all have to be removed and new walls put in. Granted, I have the knowledge how to do those things (less the plumbing), but I don't know that one measly, wimpy girl can do it alone. Not to mention, buying new wallboards (and studs?) will be not cheap. Would the tub surround be salvageable?

So my question is this - is it possible to take the tub surround out without damaging it? My thought was maybe I could take it down, clean it, remove & replace the wallboards and then put the surround back. Am I dreaming?


Anyone bored and want a project?


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I am not that bored. Removing the mold may be easier than stopping the cause. Moisture is building up for some reason. You will need to find why. Stop the moisture and your mold problems will probably go away after cleaning. Are you dreaming? Could be. I would locate the source of the problem first.


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Hey, you'd be surprised what one girl can do! I feel for you, since I just finished gutting and redmodeling my bathroom by myself too. It CAN be done!
The mold in there was horrific! I think the previous owner never recaulked the tub. I ended up going right down to the floor joists and taking everything out.
Anyhow, try cleaning it up with bleach first- I'd get a spray bottle and a long handled scrub brush and get under there as best you can. The trick is to get it off as much as possible, and make sure it all dries out really well. Put a dehumidifer in the room-mine ran constantly for a few days before I was sure it was dry.

You CAN get the surround out in good condition if you do it slowly and depends how well stuck it is to the wall. Mine was pretty loose, so I peeled it off carefully using a paint scraper to attack the remaining glue. Then clean it with more bleach and remove any glue stuck to it. It takes time, so consider buying a new one...Home Depot had some nice ones for about $120.

If you do take it down to replace the wallboards- use Denshield or cement board behind the tub. I used Densheid- it is easier and lighter to work with, and you can buy it in 36x60" pieces (or bigger, but that fit in my car!) I had to bleach the wall studs to get rid of all the mold, but once they were dry, putting up new Denshield is easy.
I hope this helps- and makes you feel better- I know that sinking feeling when you first see the mold- but you CAN deal with this!
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Umm why is there wall board behind the tub and under it??

Typical construction has the tub surround fastened directly to the framing and the cement board runs down INTO the flange. Never put the board OVER the flange! WHen you tile the walls of the tub you fill the void (that is from the top of the tub to the cement board) with the tile adhesive.
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