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rizaydog 02-05-2008 05:29 PM

Stream in basement
I have an unfinished basement. Since I bought the house, we have always had water in the basement when it rains. I added gutters to the entire house. That didnt' help. Most of my house has a stone foundation with a concrete floor. I would like to divert the water away from the walking surfaces of the floor, and keep it close to the walls. I found a product, SquidGee System, that I think would work to divert the water around the walls and into the sump pump. However, this system is way too expensive. does anyone know of a similar system that is not so ridiculus? That is $12 for a 4' piece just for the main section.

I also thought I could get some cheap vinyl "U" shaped gutters. Then rip them down the center on my table saw. Then I would have two "L" shaped sections to glue to the floor. Any thoughts?

If I did it this way, what would be the best thing to glue this vinyl gutters to the concrete floor?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the SquidGee System I was talking about:

justdon 02-06-2008 02:08 PM

MOST water problems come from two sources,,,
#1 would be outside grade around the house, letting water filter into basement by channeling from puddles. Does your outside grade slope at least 6" in first 2 foot and then 6" in next 4' AWAY from your foundation with NO puddles when it rains within 25 -35 feet of the house??

#2the natural ground water level is higher than the floor, specially under rainy conditions!! If so,,, NO solutions for this other than a full drain tile install and a pit with a sump pump.(and thats not 100% cure either)

Both of the above cures 75-90 % of all water probs.

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