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Velvis 07-31-2012 04:42 PM

Storage area behind studs?
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I have a very small bathroom I am redoing with a large hottub, so storage space is at a premium. I tore down the drywall and behind one wall is an area between the first floor roof and kitchen ceiling below. (I have attached a photo)
I'd like to somehow take advantage of some of this space by building a small towel cabinet in this area.

It is a load bearing wall that already has a small awning window at the top, so I dont want to remove any of the cripple studs below it.

My thought was to simply build a box behind 3 studs (leaving one visible when the cabinet doors are open in the middle where the cabinet doors would meet.

So I guess its kind of like the storage nooks people install between studs, but I want to build one behind the studs and put doors on it. Is something like this possible? pros/cons?

I tried to google for something similar but I dont think I could find the proper search term for what I am trying to do so I figured I would ask here. Is there a name for this type of thing?

Thanks for any suggestions or tips.

joecaption 07-31-2012 04:58 PM

Without being there it's hard to say. It looks like a someone botched up trying to install a window in a supporting wall without adding a double top plate.
Somethings funky with the way that top plate is cut off and it looks like one area is being crushed from the weight.
It can be done but the roof is going to have to have some temperary bracing while working on it, all new subflooing installed in the new closet area, new walls built with a header, foam baffles and insulation added in the roof area, insulation added to the walls in the closet,

A hot tub inside a house? Your going to have to add plenty of venting and be dealing with the clorine odors. Far better to just install a jacussi tub. (yes I know I miss spelled it)
Will your floor joist even support that much weight?

woody4249 07-31-2012 04:59 PM

There is not a problem taking out a portion of a stud so long as you put in a header between the remaining studs and support it adequately with a crutch stud either side.
Then you can build a cabinet and install this in the opening without any restrictions.

Looks like it's been hacked around a few times so be careful what you remove without support.

Remember that water weighs 8.35 LBS to one UK gallon when deciding to install a lake in there


Velvis 07-31-2012 08:31 PM

I should of been more clear:

1) I am installing the jacuzzi tub inside the bathroom, not a hot tub. I had the floor rebuilt and reinforced with LVLs.

2) I don't want to be able to walk into the storage area. I just want a small storage area behind the toilet to put towels, etc.

3) Yes, the window was clearly Mickey Moused which is why I dont want to further weaken it by removing a stud.

mae-ling 08-01-2012 11:58 AM

Tempary wall for support.
Remove what is needed and the mess.
Frame properly for the window and your cabinet. Make sure there is support right down to the foundation.

You can build your cabinet in place between the studs, Wrap the studs with say 3/8" plywood and/or trim. Add filler behind the stud for the depth you want. A cabinet back then doors on the front. The studs becomes uprights between the cabinets.

Clear as mud?

goosebarry 08-01-2012 02:50 PM

What you have is not a knee wall, but many of the ideas for knee wall storage will work for you. Reframe the wall to fix the window using a properly sized header and you'll have a nice big opening for shelves. While you have the wall open insulate the area. Every bit helps.

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