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jchri66 05-27-2008 11:11 AM

Shower in Window
I have a window in my shower and I'm in the process of a remodel. I replaced the window, installed 60min paper to the studs starting at the bottom of the shower and then layering to the top, and then 1/2" backerboad on top. I have already taped the joints. This is just on top of an existing tub.

Here's my problem/question/concern:
When I installed the 60 min paper I ended it at the front of the window recess so I didn't go into the recess. I think the reason I did this was because I was thinking I was just going to liquidnail the backerboard strips to the inside of recess and figured the paper would hinder the adhesion. This is a block house so the top on the window recess is a metal strip. I ended up using screws so now after reading more into things I realized I may have hurt myself. Pulling off the backerboard now would be a nightmare because it's glued, screwed and taped so I guess my question is what is the likelihood of this failing and getting a lot of moisture problems? Is there anything I can do help prevent any issues if they are likely? I have not yet tiled around the window so is there anything I can to do to caulk at the joint where the backerbaord meets the window?

I've read the moisture that the barrier protects is mainly from moisture seeping through the groat and tiles. The barrier will just keep it from entering the walls and it will eventually exit the way it came in. I did install correctly over the lip of the tub so I'm just concerned about the window area.


jchri66 05-27-2008 12:50 PM

Window in Shower
Ummmm I meant Window in Shower...

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