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azhomeowner 11-09-2008 07:22 PM

Self closing hinge removal
I need to remove the door between my garage and house to replace the weather strip and the door has two spring loaded self closing hinges. They are marked Stanley but no model #s. There is a roll pin driven into the center barrel and the lower portion of the hinge,I suppose to hold the spring, and there is a phillips head slot in the bottom where the pin of a normal hinge would protrude. The phillips slots will not move (someone has stripped the one on the center hinge). Do I need to unscrew these from the jam or door? How can I overcome the spring tension while I remove the screws to keep the hinge from snapping closed?

Termite 11-10-2008 07:26 AM

The spring tension is probably fairly insignificant. If you can't get the pin out, then unscrew the hinges from the jamb.

joed 11-10-2008 08:51 AM

The pin is held in by the spring tension. Usually you sick something into one of the other holes twist and release tensionon spring. Remove the pin. Then move the pin to the next hole. Repeat until tension is removed.

Maintenance 6 11-11-2008 07:22 AM

If I understand your description right, these are medium to heavy duty spring hinges and not the kind you'd find on a screen door. Use a punch in one of the holes around the top and release the tension on the spring. Then you can remove the pin and move it to another hole. You'll have to repeat the process several times until you have all of the tension released. DO NOT take the screws out until the tension has been released, unless you like having your fingers caught in a trap. When you rehang the door, you'll need to wind the tension back into the spring. If they are double acting (door swings both ways), you only need to release the tension on one side to remove the door. Be careful. These hinges love to pinch fingers.

dgates12 08-07-2012 12:40 AM

same kinda question....
I am in need of doing the same thing to my self closing hinged door. So if I am reading this correctly, I can just release all the tension in the hinge and it will separate like a "typical" hinge and I can lift off the door? Or do I need to unscrew the hinges from the actual door frame and take it all off in one piece?

Thanks for your advice!

Evstarr 08-07-2012 01:59 AM

I read it as need to unscrew the hinge from the jamb and remove the whole thing with the door.

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