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papason 07-02-2012 01:14 AM

screw spacing for hardi board on walls
I am installng 1/2 inch hardi on 2x4 16 center studs for a tub/shower ,3 walls.

Cant find definate info. Already have the sheets on when found maybe scrrews should be spaced 8 inches or less. I measured and am kinda 9 to 12 apart.
Also is there a gap needed between sheets?
i seen some that say no screws withing 2 inches of edge. I layed like sheetrock! Ugh. So the sheets are screwed at the edges.

What is the concern if the this is not the best? I dont get why it would need tighter spacing than sheetrock, this stuff wont move wil it?

One more biggy.
I put it up to the door jam. Then thought It might not nail well for the trim. DO I need to cut that back and put green board in that spot the trim will go? Thought maybe could use adhesive caulk on the tub edge and nail into the jam on that edge.

I am gonna put fiberglass tape on joints and spread the red over that.


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