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homesweetgdhome 03-07-2010 05:13 PM

Review: Garage to Studio
I'm planning to convert my garage into a studio apartment, and was wondering if anyone had experience/advice to offer up against pitfalls I might face.

It seems pretty basic, but I've never done much construction of my own, so whatever tiny nuggets of wisdom may be laying around, please toss them my way!

The idea, in short:

Floor leveler: Extra runny, because the concrete slab is already fairly flat.

2x4's laid flat every 12" - I want a very solid floor, as low as possible.

Kraft roll (hard to fit in a 1-3/4" space?!) between the joists, or styro slabs (more costly!). Definitely want some insulation down there. Either of these should work as vapor barrier?

Glue on studs, then tongue & groove OSB over that.

The walls and ceilings are basically just 'frame it, insulate it, hang some drywall', and the floor honestly isn't much different, I suppose I just had some concerns because it's all concrete, and I know that kind of thing might have looming dangers (I do know to use treated woods when in contact with the slab).

Also, if it's of any importance: The slab is actually twice as big as the garage, as it extends out in front for parking outside.

Any advice would be great! :)

Scuba_Dave 03-07-2010 06:48 PM

Where are you located ?
Insulation depends upon location

Have you checked with the building Inspector on this conversion?

Attached or detached ?

homesweetgdhome 03-07-2010 08:02 PM

I live in Michigan, so we get temperature extremes in both directions (-10F to 100F).

It's a detached garage that has been 'legally attached' with an eight foot canopy over the sidewalk from garage to house.

What inspector? :thumbsup:

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