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tallen3 04-11-2011 08:39 AM

restoring a 1950 home
what type of interior doors do i need to use

screwy 04-11-2011 08:42 AM

Definitely ones that open and close.

I think that if you really want positive input you should give more information and ask specific questions.

Ron6519 04-13-2011 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by tallen3 (Post 627212)
what type of interior doors do i need to use

It depends on the style of the house, your taste and your budget.
I like raised panel doors over flush doors myself. You can get them in real wood($150.00) or a simulated panel hollow core($60.00) version.
Post some photos .

RealHouswifOfOK 04-13-2011 06:55 PM

Do you want to stay true to the age of the house? Are you doing a remodel to make it up-to date? Is there a specific style/look you,re shooting for? Believe me, we have a window/door/siding company, and the number of choices would make your head spin. Plus you can spend not so much.......or a fortune. What's your budget for how many doors?

Ironlight 04-14-2011 07:44 PM

Mid-century modern. That is, if by 1950's you mean a modernist design from the 1950's. There were fistfuls of boring brick colonials built in the 50's so just because it was BUILT in the 50's does not mean anything.

So if indeed it is a modern 50's design, then flat doors all the way. Hollow core from Home Depot is the bottom end. you can spend up from there for weight and soundproofing but that is up to you. Design-wise, you want a flat door.

jasonstrent070 04-14-2011 09:52 PM

I suggest a wooden door is good for it. Since it was an old house, a wooden door with intricate designs will do. A metal door for it i also possible but depends on the designs or styles and color of it. More information about t house could also help.


rossfingal 04-15-2011 09:16 AM

My parents had a new house build - 1951 - 1952, in the Midwest -
Flush doors (smooth).
Go for "solid-core", not "hollow core" - (sound-proofing, for one thing).
Didn't see too many "raised panel" doors back then - not a "Mansion" -
just a nice, 2 1/2 bath, 3 bedroom house.
However, it's your house - your preference.
(Solid Core - if money permits!) :)


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