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LDSGJA 07-03-2010 01:13 PM

Replacing Windows in Stucco House
I just bought a house in Moreno Valley, CA. Most of the windows have been replaced except for these two. One has some sort of wood trim on the outside and is an Aluminum window that does not open. I am not sure what kind the other window is, but it opens but has No trim on the outside. Below are pics.
^^^This is the aluminum window. I am wondering, If I just rip the wood trim off of the outside, can I just pull all the nails and crap out and pull out the window, then replace with one of identical size? Will the inside sill be messed up or damaged? Will the stucco be damaged? (That's my wife in the reflection btw)
^^^^^Here is the regular sliding window. This one has no siding/trim. So to remove it am I going to have to bang out the stucco, remove the mounts to the framing, put in a new window and re-stucco? I am again worry about the interior window sill.

Please don't laugh at how crappy my house looks, I bought it for $64K and haven't even moved in yet.

I searched for guides on the internet and could not find anything that was very informative.

jlhaslip 07-03-2010 09:25 PM

Use a grinder with a diamond wheel to cut away the stucco around the windows. Cut away as much stucco as you need to remove the existing window.

Then replace the windows with the new ones. You may need to tweak the stucco removed to allow for the new nailing flange.

After installing, add drip edge and mastic to suit and then trim out using wood or other trim pieces.

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