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CoconutPete 07-22-2011 01:56 PM

Replacing a window w/ door - siding question
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I'm going to try to explain this with pictures.

Currently there is a window in the wall. The window will be cut out and a sliding glass door put in it's place (walking onto my deck)

The door is somewhere between 10 and 11" narrower than the current window.

I had 2 ideas on how to deal with this.

1: Framing the wall to have the door in the middle. Extend the opening all the way down and fill the 5" or so on each side w/ trim.

2: Framing the door to go on one side of the opening. Cut the siding down one side and use the siding from below the window to repair the empty spot left on the other side (moving siding from point a to point b in picture)

AGWhitehouse 07-22-2011 02:52 PM

I don't see any question in there...either plan looks viable and 100% doable. I guess the questions falls on you and which one you prefer doing.

CoconutPete 07-22-2011 03:03 PM

Sorry ... the question is "Any input that would persuade me to do one over the other?"

The information I should have included is that the house has vinyl siding.

kwikfishron 07-22-2011 03:16 PM

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How much wider is the existing window than the new door?
You could center it and just trim out the door to make up that space.

When you’re saying “filling in the gap with the extra siding” I hope you’re not thinking of filling in with little pieces.:wink:

Can you post that picture of the outside in this thread?

AGWhitehouse 07-22-2011 03:27 PM

Vinyl siding is the best for remodeling. Remove all the siding panels that will be affected in whole, Don't cut them yet. Do all the re-framing and door installation and then re-install vinyl. Layout out the pieces first to maximize materials and waste. Cut them to fit. if done well you might have a piece or two extra that you can save for any repairs needed (cracks or holes) later.

CoconutPete 07-22-2011 03:58 PM

The window is right around 10" wider than the door. Give or take I'll need to make up 5" on each side. If it had been 10" on EACH side it would have been a different story, but I don't think 5" would look too bad.

It literally wasn't until a few days ago that I thought of pulling the siding and framing the door so that is sits in the side of the old space rather than in the middle.

I'll post a pic when I get home ... forgot my phone there.

CoconutPete 07-22-2011 06:20 PM

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The deck isn't there yet in this picture, but you can see how the window looks.

kwikfishron 07-22-2011 06:38 PM

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Remove the siding reframe the opening and reinstall the siding. Oh but wait, someone else already said that.:)

The basic concept is pretty simple. My concerns are what your plans are for flashing details? Are you installing a door pan? How is the ledger for your invisible deck attached and flashed now?

You don’t have much overhang there so the details behind the siding are critical.

CoconutPete 07-22-2011 08:29 PM


The overhang is about 1' - not much but it's there.

I do plan on installing a door pan. Someone advised me on that in one of my older threads..... wait, I think it was you!

No ledger on my deck - it's free standing :thumbup:

CoconutPete 07-25-2011 02:15 PM

Door is in!

I had all the best intentions of taking pictures of the entire process but the friggin RAIN made me lose focus.

I ended up suspending a tarp over the deck! Hooked to the gutter on one side and bungee corded to the railing on the other. My brother in law calls it the redneck awning. I call it my new insurance policy if I ever have backyard cookouts planned and we get rain.

I'm very pleased w/ the flashing strips that come w/ the Anderson sliding door - makes it nice and straightforward to get a tight seal. I was never against Vinyl siding, I just always felt there were much better looking options out there. After this weekend idunno..... that stuff is SUPER easy to work with. If you can use a cutter a level and a hammer you can fix this stuff.

kwikfishron 07-25-2011 05:32 PM

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I’m glad it all worked out. :thumbsup:

Now you have an invisible door to go with your invisible deck. :laughing:

CoconutPete 07-26-2011 09:45 AM


I just switched phones so i have no new pictures on it from the project. I'll post a thread in the showcase forum once I get the electrical, insulation and drywall fixed on the inside.

CoconutPete 08-02-2011 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by Rohitashwa (Post 696629)
I think your first idea is better than other opinion.

or framing 5" space with glass design. It is better look ever.

Check post # 10 :thumbup:

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