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stubits 08-24-2010 09:31 PM

Replacement Windows Smaller Than Rough Opening
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I've decided to replace two widows in my basement. They aren't impressive windows as they only open out underneath our front porch, but I figure it will allow a little bit of extra light and definitely some extra ventilation. When we bought the house the windows were boarded up and I haven't bothered to deal with it until now.

The wall is solid, double wythe brick and as there are two existing windows, there are already lintels in place. The existing rough opening is 34" w x 29" h. I have looked into custom windows, but they are prohibitively expensive given the use of the these particular windows, so I'd rather go with something stock.

The windows I've identified to use for this project are Pella vinyl slider's meant for a 32" w x 23" h rough opening. Of course I'd be losing a few inches and were it anywhere else in the house that would be a major concern, but here it just doesn't matter.

So, any thoughts on how best to go about this? My plan is to remove the existing window and all existing framing, frame out the opening using pressure treated lumber (because of the brick) to accommodate the new window size. On the exterior I will cover the new framing with some exterior plywood (it is under the front porch, covered from the elements and not at all visible), and on the interior I will just patch in some drywall.

Am I missing anything? Any suggestions for how I can do it better? Easier? Any thoughts or suggestions at all would be appreciated.


Just Bill 08-25-2010 06:19 AM

basement windows can be ordered to fit any opening, to within 1/4". check any local lumberyard, but I would avoid big box.

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