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Superbeef83 07-20-2011 08:22 AM

removing a stair case
Hey diy nation. New to home improvment so please bear with me. My wife and I will soon be inheriting a house from my inlaws and there is a pretty big change I would like to make to it. The house has two stair cases in it (it used to be a duplex) and I would like to remove the one in the middle of the house and put up a wall using four posts. This way I can turn that space into a master bedroom closet upstairs. Just wondering if this was even possible as long as I have it properly supported with the posts.

Jackofall1 07-20-2011 08:37 AM

Welcome Superbeef83, to the best darn DIY'r site on the web.

You should post some pic's of the stair to be removed to help understand the existing structure. Many times the stair opening is framed in a way to support the stairs and there may be a possibility that you will not have to add any support posts, but without a visual there is no way of making any additional comments.

If you think you need to add posts a structural designer or engineer would be a wise choice to ensure that the integrity of the area is not comprimised.


Superbeef83 07-21-2011 02:48 PM

4 Attachment(s)
These are the stairs in question. The last picture with the small curtain on the bottom is a shot of the bottom of the stair case. If I could remove them completely and not have to add any support that would open the downstairs up a bunch.

sixeightten 07-21-2011 03:35 PM

The stairs themselves are not holding anything up. The walls next to the stairs could be. Reframing these walls is pretty easy to do if it is necessary at all. You will have to do some investigating to figure out the best way to go. You need to determine if the second floor floor joists are being supported by these walls.

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