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newzev 07-24-2009 06:03 AM

removing concrete parging from basement foundation walls.
1. What is the best way to remove concrete parging from basement foundation walls poured in 1915. The walls , underneath the old parging, feel pebbly and sandy, and is delaminating due to hydro static pressure. No water is on floor but walls are damp.

2. What is the best negative side waterproofing coating, as outside wall coating is prohibitive in cost, due to the amount of demolition required.

Choices: a. crystalline water proofing coating. Firtst choice Kryton, second choice Zypex and third choice Aquafin.

b. Sani Tred rubberized coating system. They say they are the best, but I don't understand how it stays adhered to walls with hydrostatic pressure if the Sani tred does not go deeply into walls like the crystalline. I also don't understand the claim by Sani tred that you should not use cytstalline waterproofing as it is extremely difficult to remove it, once on the walls. I thought in fact, ithe crystalline will harden the walls and create millions of microscopic crystals that water proof. I thought it would make a tougher surface that would make it easier for new parging to stick to. In fact I think it would make it a better surface to use Sani tred on, although that would be pretty expensive to do both.

3. After removing the old parging, and waterproofing the walls with crystalline, what knew parging mix would actually adhere and remain permanently on, and no longer peel off of walls. What are the ingrediients of this parging material, in what ration, and how would you mix and apply the misture. Or possibly use a mixed product such as
Sacrete top and bond or resurfacing cement.



framer53 07-24-2009 08:17 AM


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