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Thurman 09-29-2010 07:54 PM

Removing bath mirror
Here's the problem: A 48" tall x 72" wide mirror mounted onto a bath wall over the vanity back splash. There are NO visible clips or anything which hold the mirror to the wall. Access to the bottom, and two sides is not there. Access to the top is about 14" between mirror top and ceiling. I can get the blade of a putty knife, not scraper, into the space between the mirror and back wall. No doubt this mirror will be heavy if/when removed. I'm thinking this mirror is glued to the wall. If so, how do you go about cutting, removing, dissolving, the glue to remove the mirror to save it? It's not going back in, but the homeowner does not want it broken. Thanks, David

firehawkmph 09-29-2010 09:55 PM

Good luck Thurman,
Sometimes you can steadily pull on the top and try and get the mastic to pull away from the drywall, taking some of the paper with it. But if there is an outlet cutout in it, I can just about guarantee it will crack there. I wouldn't guarantee to a customer that I could get it off in one piece. Even the glass company I deal with won't do that.
Mike Hawkins:wink:

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