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molsendiy 02-08-2009 09:07 AM

remove over the cooktop microwave
I have a new cooktop so i want to be sure to take all proper precautions.
As I undertand it... I loosen the bolts in the upper cabinet (after unlugging the unit). Then take the griill off the front of the microwave to expose bolts - attached to the plate in the back? How do we ensure that when the bolts get loosened that we don't crash into the cooktop?
How sturdy is the plate? How many people situated where to make this work right without risk to people or equipment?

ponch37300 02-08-2009 09:19 AM

If you are worried about it damaging your new stove just pull the stove out when you do it.

All of the ones I've installed the back plate is screwed to the wall with some lag bolts and the microwave sits on a lip on the bottom of the back plate. Then the microwave is tilted in place and two bolts hold it to the upper cabinet.

When you take it down unscrew the two bolts from the upper cabinet and make sure you are someone else preferable is holding the microwave because the front will drop down. Then you just lift the back of the microwave off the lip of the back plate. Make sure to unplug it first and feed the cord threw the hole as you pull it out. Some are vented to the outside but most just use the internal filters. So if yours is vented outside you will need to take that off also.

ex-Khobar Andy 02-09-2009 09:57 PM

I installed one yesterday. AFAIK they are all more or less the same.

The MW/hood fits on a bracket screwed to the studs in the wall. There are two small screws at the back base of the MW which attach it to the bracket. They don't take any weight -- they just stop it from moving forward off the bracket. You can take these out and the thing will not fall down. Unplug it. Here is where you need two people, assuming that one can take the weight. In the cabinet above the MW are two screws which go down into the top of the MW. As you slowly unscrew these you will see the MW starting to tilt down. At this point you need to take the weight of the MW because you don't know how long those bolts are. At some point the bolts come out and now the front of the MW is being held by you and the rear is still on the bracket. Now you have to tilt it down and take it off the bracket. Your helper will probably have to push the electrical plug through its hole in the cabinet base.

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