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RI Bob 09-17-2006 11:40 AM

Hi, I've got about 8 ceramic tiles on the ceiling section of my shower that have come down. I'm looking for an adhesive that is quick and easy to apply and has enough stick to prevent the tiles from falling off while the adhesive is drying. Thanks for any input. I am a jack of all trades so I believe that this is my lucky day..having found this website.
Alot of sites are charging for any professional advice!! Thanks again. Rhode Island Bob (RI Bob)

dougrus 09-17-2006 11:56 AM

Most pros wouldnt use "adhesive/mastic" on a ceiling in a shower or tub area eventhough it may hold better at first. In wet area it never fully cures and can actually reumusify and then you are back to sqaure one...
You should use thinset sure to "backbutter" the tiles so that you get a good suction action when you put them up. You could get a non-sag mortar that may improve adhesion on the ceiling, I have never used it but have been told. This is not "quick and easy" but definetly the right stuff to use in a shower or tub area.
Also, I would ask that you may want to investigate why the tiles are falling off in the first place. Do the old tiles seem to have full coverage of whatever was used to adhere them? What color is the stuff? Does it look concretish or glueish... If for example there is mastic on the back of those tiles, you may expect many more to start popping off..

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