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krtw 01-14-2006 09:37 PM

relocate washer/dryer
I purchased a single level ranch house in Oregon that has the washer/dryer plumbing and electrical in the garage, I want to relocate this into the house. In the master bathroom there is a big closet that would be a perfect relocation spot. My main question is in regard to plumbing but have question on wiring and venting too.

1.) On "This old house" I saw them using water hoses instead of copper pipe. Can I do this too? (I only saw the ending of the show, so did not get all the info as to why they were using hose).

2.) There is a shower right next to the closet, can I tap into those water lines? Same question for the drain line.

3.) Wiring should not be a problem, but I want to stay within code on this of course. Any suggestions? Electrical box is in the garage and is a ~25 foot straight shot to the new washer/dryer location.

4.) The vent could go under the floor and out the crawl space vent of the foundation. Any issues with that?

Note: All current water and electrical runs under the house. I have done some plumbing and electrical work before on another house.

Thanks for your advice.

Teetorbilt 01-14-2006 11:24 PM

I wonder why you want to relocate the majority of your potential water leaks inside when I am diligently working to move them all 'outside' (garage). I'll guess 'wife'.

Copper can go to PEX with push-on fittings. Personally, I'm sticking with copper.

krtw 01-15-2006 02:39 AM

Actually no I don't have a wife. And I don't life in Florida either, in other words, it gets cold here in Oregon in the winter and my garage is not heated. My garage is used for parking my cars, working on my cars and storing tools. Washing my closes just does not fit into that equation for me.

My father always had a preoccupation with having a possible leak in his house from his wash machine, so he installed valves that he faithfully turns off each time he is done using the machine. And he never runs the washer if he is planning on leaving the house. I will probaby do the same.

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