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vi_lontano 12-09-2012 10:00 AM

RAW EDGE ON SINK COUNTER TOP, silicone to seal??
The sink counter top is made of what I think is particle board. There is the ?typical? raw edge underneath the lip....there were many "Beards" located stalactites....LOL... I literally had to shave them off (with a vacuum ! that brown dust gets everywhere..)...I guess it is the particle board swelling due to water or moisture dripping under that edge. It also rains down "brown dust" whenever a draw or cabinet is opened and closed... into my silverware etc....

Could I use silicone and just paint it under that edge?...
I have food grade silicone sealant for another project because it is about the only "caulk" I can tolerate (due to many allergies)...

Is this nuts? :eek:...would there be a safety issue ? could the dried silicone caulk start raining down into my silverware draw and cups and plates? if so is that a problem?

any help appreciated

hand drive 12-09-2012 10:10 AM

Hi, Scrape the spot before you add the silicone. in fact, silicone might not stick as well as a construction type adhesive would or use the adhesive first with another coat of silicone afterwards. the problem is, it is trying to adhere to a crumbly surface so squeeze the adhesive up in there good so it can grab and I have seen the infamous brown particle dust in kitchens when the drawers are opened,happens a lot.

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