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Haff 12-07-2009 12:55 PM

Questions on tile work
I'm in the middle of tiling my newly gutted and rebuilt bathroom. I have the tile down on the floor and by the time i get home tonight it will be 30 hours since they were set. I also plan to tile the lower half of the walls, but a couple questions have come to mind.

1. Should I grout the floor before setting the wall tile, or should i grout them at the same time?
2. This is most likely opinion-based only. Should I line of the seams of the wall times with the floor tiles, or offset them by some amount? (note: using the same tile for wall as floor)
3. Why is it that what started as a plan to replace just the shower unit of the bathroom ended up with me tearing down to wall stubs, and fllor and ceiling joists for the entire bathroom and rebuilding it back from there?

Bob Mariani 12-07-2009 04:39 PM

1. Makes no difference. I would finish the wall then finish the floor.
2. if the floor is even slightly out of level and you try to line up the joints it will show. I would not line up the joints.
3. must have had too much fun with demo.

Haff 12-08-2009 01:35 PM


Another question. Should I mud and/or prime the drywall (densarmor+) under where the wall tiles will be? Or just stick them right to the dryway?

Bob Mariani 12-08-2009 03:46 PM

no drywall behind the tile. Use 1/2" cement backer board. Cover the seams with alkali-resistant tape and thinset over them. Then cover everything with a waterproofing membrane like Redgard.

Haff 12-09-2009 01:00 PM

This isnt in the shower, this is for the rest of the bathroom. I've read here and elsewhere, and also talked to the tile company i bought from that mounting tile with adhesive to densarmor+ is a good way to go for areas that are not directly made wet. The drywall is allready up, do you really think cement board is needed?

Bob Mariani 12-09-2009 02:51 PM

if not in a wet area, you are fine

Haff 12-09-2009 03:00 PM


Which brings me back to the question..... should i mud and/or prime? or just stick right to the drywall?

7echo 12-10-2009 06:38 PM

All my Densarmor was mudded and primed prior to tile install.

Bud Cline 12-12-2009 09:52 PM

DensArmor DOES NOT REQUIRE any priming or sealing or painting or mudding or anything prior to installing tile. THAT IS WHAT IT IS FOR!

trendstone 12-16-2009 02:50 PM

Even though it does not require any priming or sealing, if you want to feel safe, you should go ahead and apply some.

Bob Mariani 12-16-2009 03:31 PM

you mud and prime this for the only purpose of a smooth finish when painting. What would the purpose be to skim coat it under a tile installation. Wouldn't the thinset do the same thing?

Bud Cline 12-17-2009 07:01 PM

Sealers on substrates can be deal killers for tile jobs. No sealers are necessary, they are in fact discouraged.:) In this case there is no need anyway.:)

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