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zx7king 01-08-2009 09:31 AM

A question for the experts, raising a roof
Hello all,

Great forum. First post here.. a general one for the experts.

We have a 24x25' garage with an unfiinished room above it with a roof that comes down to the floor on either side. It is probably about 10' high in the center and we were going to finish it with knee walls, etc. However, a builder suggested raising the side of the roof on one side to match the roofline of the back of our house, giving us a full 2nd story height in the back and enabling us to put in a bathroom, closet, whatever between this room and the house on that side.

He indicated that raising the roof would be a couple day "easy" job since it is unfinished and is basically demo and framing.

My question is.. does anyone have any clue as to what ballpark I should expect for this piece of work. It is a shingled roof (reshingled just a few years ago) and this would include removing one side of the roof, raising, framing, and siding the new exterior wall. I realize that there are other factors such as windows, but i have never had framing work done.

Any info would be great.

Thanks in advance,

jcalvin 01-08-2009 03:39 PM

Like your builder said, it isn't a hard job and shouldn' take too long since it isn't finished. However, There will be demo and reframe which is likely not to be very cheap. Once this is done, it will be even longer before it is finished to the point of occupancy. You need to ask yourself if the addition is what you want or not. You will see a big difference in the price of finishing what you have and tearing out and adding on.

Ron6519 01-08-2009 07:20 PM

Why didn't you ask the builder for an estimate?

AtlanticWBConst. 01-08-2009 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by Ron6519 (Post 209605)
Why didn't you ask the builder for an estimate?

Ummm = Yeah? .... :yes:

zx7king 01-09-2009 07:48 AM

The builder is putting together an estimate now. This was a last discussed option as he was leaving my house. I was just curious if anyone had any idea what i will be looking at for this. I will get multiple estimates of course. Sorry if I asked an inappropriate question.


Ininkus 01-09-2009 08:43 PM


This project could have some pretty expensive ramifications. Pretty obvious, but just making sure... Are you going to have to add siding to the new sides of the house? Can you get siding that matches or will you have to do all new to make it look right? Sofit and fascia, you'll need all new for half the garage. Shingles... again, can you find some that match? Will it matter if they don't match perfect?

If you are planning on having a builder do it from start to finish and just forking over the money, yeah, the project will seem easy :). If he is just doing the framing, you may have some headaches down the road.

The framing and shell probably will only take a couple days. I'm guessing his estimate will be in the thousands, and break into the double digit thousands depending on how much he is doing.

Best of luck, sounds fun!

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