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KUIPORNG 03-15-2007 12:07 PM

Power painter ? worth or junk?
I am about to start painting... now .... I saw HD have those $100 to $200 electric power painter... are they good or junk... please advice...

they are hand held with a small bucket attach to hold paint... and a electric plug... type

not those monstor expensive sprayer....

I also saw those roll and paint stuff with push button pump, no electric power, are they good also?

and how about those paint tank sprayer requires a compressor, are those good too?

After some research on the internet, spot this guy

Campbell Hausfeld HV2000 High Volume Low Pressure Sprayer

I will probably go for it after approve from the Boss now she is back from US ....

elementx440 03-15-2007 05:11 PM

I used a cheapy wagner mechanical sprayer before on a patio, worked ok... until a buddy tried to clean the thing with gasoline, then it caught fire and melted :jester:

I can't comment on quality but it was a lot to clean up, so I'd only recommend it for big jobs.

Sammy 03-15-2007 05:53 PM

I bought one of those Wagner sprayers and it works but you have to mask the area and clean up overspray along with the sparyer when your done. Plus I dont think the amount of paint/quality of the finish is the same as doing it by hand.

If your painting an empty rental property maybe.. If its the home you live in and you want a good quality paint job you wont have to redo in a few years... Prime, then roll/brush a good quality top coat.

KUIPORNG 03-16-2007 08:07 AM

thanks for the info.... the Boss didn't approve anyway... your info makes me feel better as I cannot purchase anyway...

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