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debd 08-25-2012 08:55 PM

Out door remodel help needed
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We want to clean up the look of the back of our house by putting one roof covering both our porch and shed. The shed sticks out about 3 inches farther than the porch roof. And the porch roof sticks out the side of the house by about 3 inches. We can line up the two roofs by
- extending the porch another 3 inches beyond the house which we didn't think would look good.
- Cut the shed back 6 inches which we though would look poor.
- line up the roof with the shed and put a 45 degree angle where the roof extends beyond the house. This would require a small barrier to redirect the water.
-Is there any other way to do this? Which method would look the best?

Thank you for any and all help

KevinPh 09-06-2012 12:17 PM

The easiest thing would be to extend the porch roof out so that it is in-line with the shed roof. You could replace the rain gutters so that there is only one that stretches across the porch and shed, and only one downspout as well.

Anything else would require a complete reconstruction of the entire roof structure.

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