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Pragidealist 11-12-2012 02:07 PM

Opinions on this house

I have never posted here and am trying something. It may be that there are better ways or places to do this, so please feel free to redirect me.

My wife and I are looking to list our house next year and purchase a new/used home. We are expecting to get a "fixer upper." So I am looking at homes in areas we are interested in and I came across one that struck me as both interesting and odd.

The exterior is really unattractive to me. What are others impressions? Do you see potential? What do you see that could be done with it, primarily externally?


ddawg16 11-12-2012 02:58 PM

Without even looking at the is easy to tell when it was built......

You wanted a fixer upper? That looks like one.....start with the roof.....

But, I see a lot of potential in least the floor plan is open.....way too much rock...but then again....that was the thing back then.....

Overall....I like the basic layout and look (except for that roof)....

TheBobmanNH 11-12-2012 03:37 PM

There are a lot of fixer-uppers out there, why woul dyou choose one whose exterior you don't find attractive? I mean, if it's a case of slapping some paint on it and it'll look nice, that's one thing, but...

You have to come home every day to this house, make it something you want to come home to.

Just my opinion, I know others think very differently. :) Good luck in your search.

Pragidealist 11-12-2012 03:46 PM

I appreciate the responses. Let me say again, this is really early. We haven't listed our house yet. So I am mostly just researching possibilities and looking at options. And honestly.. playing with options.

However, to the question about the appearance. Its like anything else when buying something like this. Compromises.

Location (big deal)
Acre property
Square Footage
Floor plan
Fenced in backyard
Potential with X amount of work, time, and money.

So how much we can change with small things (like changing siding) vs big changes like changing the roof.

Or in the case of other possible locations. Right now we have two kids under two. So we could go in something a lot smaller and then the project might be to add on later.

Or maybe decide to forget the "fixer upper" idea. Its that playing with possible compromises that I am working with right now.

So I wondered what more experienced people who have done work like that see when they see a house. For example, the comments on the floor plan.

ddawg16 11-12-2012 03:51 PM

Lots of good and very valid points.

Buying a fixer upper is a lot like buying a collectable car. If the frame is all rusted out...not much to work with....but if the frame is solid and just has a few rusty spots....that is workable.

Slapping on a coat of paint? That's not much fun.....anyone can do that....but to change the look? Mold into something you want? And where you want....that is the DIY spirit.

user1007 11-12-2012 06:37 PM

I think it is a rather unique looking home. But never be too quick to ignore your first instinctive reactions. If there are things you really do not like, you may not end up being able to live with them. And you will come to resent fixing up something unless you are just planning to turn into a non-caring flipper. As mentioned, sadly there is lots of nice property out there and it sounds like you are not in a situation where you have to move by a certain time.

And having worked mainly on antique homes I have seen many people move into properties around those I was working on not understanding that they couldn't make changes, sometimes even to paint color in ways they wanted, because their home was historically protected, the neighborhood was, or both. Or there was a homeowner's association or city ordinances beyond just historical. The angry folks usually became convinced because it was their property they could stomp their feet and make it work their way but it doesn't come to be in such neighborhoods. Thankfully or they would not have the character and charm they do.

Make sure you do not underestimate what you will have to put into your own place to make it saleable and what you need to have squirreled away if you are suddenly carrying two mortgages until your place sells. The market is improving but it can still be tough.

And as mentioned in another post, now would be a great time to find an independent inspector to go through your existing property to make sure you have not missed anything. Of course, you do not want the person to look over every property you are thinking of moving into in detail but it might be worth paying someone for a quick read if somewhat serious about a place. This day in age, especially with foreclosures, you must insist on a detailed inspection before ever dreaming of closing.

Others will disagree and I have certainly found homes just driving around that were worth pursuing but I have always had good relationships with real estate agents who know antique homes and neighborhoods that were of interest. They knew better than to nag me or think I was going to spend every weekend looking at things that might work as well. They were worth their commissions when timing the sale and selling properties. I didn't do flips, by the way.

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