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airic 01-12-2009 09:25 PM

OH crap my ceiling is gone
I just bought a house and I am doing major work on it and apparently more than I thought. I was on my second floor and my brother and I were moving a couch he dropped his end it hit the floor and we heard something fall down, down stairs. I went and checked it out my ceiling is on my floor now. :eek:It was a plaster ceiling over half of the ceiling fell in. The laths are still up but they look like they are in TERRIBLE shape. I took down a few of them to check out the rafters they dont look so hot either. What in the world do I do. Should I put new laths up and plaster the ceiling again... Should I rip the remaining ones down and drywall my ceiling. If I drywall my ceiling should I just use the iffy rafters or should I put up laths again for some added support and less stress on my rafters. HELP:(

AndrewF 01-12-2009 10:02 PM

Got any photos of what we are talking about here?

airic 01-12-2009 10:09 PM

Not at the moment I am staying at my girlfriends place till I get the place cleaned up Ill try to get some though

Termite 01-12-2009 11:43 PM

Some photos would indeed help.

I'd opt for removal of what's left of the lath and plaster and go with some 5/8" sheetrock. Plastering a ceiling is not a job for most DIYers...It is an art that you don't want to learn by experimentation. Plasterers usually serve long apprenticeships to become competent at doing it. Drywall is a heck of a lot easier to learn. No way for us to know what you're facing as far as ceiling joists/floor joists until we see detailed photographs.

Leaving the lath isn't really a great option in most cases. It is great for plaster but not really appropriate for sheetrock. You can add 1x2 furring strips to the underside of the floor joists if you want to, but that isn't necessary unless they're uneven.

Hopefully once the inconvenience and the cost of this little project wears off...Maybe you'll see the humor in how this happened. Trust me, I feel really bad for you but I laughed out loud reading how this happened. :laughing::whistling2: Did you kill your brother for dropping the couch?

airic 01-13-2009 06:29 AM

I know how to drywall that Is why I figured that would be the easiest route I just wasn't sure about leave the laths up or not. And if my rafters aren't in great shape if it is still safe to screw my drywall into them or should I just figure something else out. And after the initial pissed off at seeing my ceiling on my floor laughter set in and I relaxed. I am not too worried about it as long as my ceiling can support putting new drywall up butttttttt maybe I will try a new helper instead of my brother...

Termite 01-13-2009 08:01 AM

You're saying "rafters"...That's your roof. We are talking about floor joists here right?

Describe their condition. Are they rotten, moldy, wet, water damaged, sagging, soft, or what?

gma2rjc 01-13-2009 09:45 AM

At least it fell down when nobody was in the room. Is it possible that the other ceilings in the house are in the same shape?

DangerMouse 01-13-2009 10:05 AM

another option if the lath is ok could be tiles, easier to install than drywall. lots of options with an open ceiling! suspended is easy. orrrrr, you could go a bit nutty and do what i did----> hehehehe
you say the 2x's don't look in that great of shape? is there water damage? dry rot? termites? what are we talking here? you may want to sister in some extra support. totally agree with t he guys here, we need pictures. =o)


joed 01-13-2009 01:14 PM

Think about what else needs to be done. Do you need any wiring upgraded? Plumbing? Now is the time while the ceilng is open.

airic 01-16-2009 06:37 AM

Sorry it took me so long to get back guys its been a hell week. So I had a contractor come in and take a look at things he then called in two other guys who said it actually looks like ( what i was calling rafters sorrry) my floor joists are actually about to come down. The previous owners never got a pro to do the work on the water damage and there was never a building permit for all the work they must have done. They said it was more lucky that dropping the couch didn't bring us down through the floor. I thought okay it does look bad but is it THAT bad.... answer yes... I got another contractor and my uncle who does construction and happened to be in town to look at it they said the house is unsafe. I had to do dealings with the bank and I'm hoping to not be out of a couple grand but on a positive note I am actually going to inherit my grandfathers house in a few weeks so look for my new topic its going to also be about ceilings maybe you guys can help there too

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