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t_mott85 11-22-2010 07:00 PM

Odd sized existing rough opening in interior door.
My house is a prefabricated "Garrison Home" Built in the 50's. If you are not familiar with these homes all of the walls interior and exterior are made with a laminating process which leads the walls to be only 2 inches thick total.

Nearly every piece of trim and finish carpentry in these homes were made by the Garrison factory just for their homes making them nearly impossible to replace. Although I like to think of myself as "handy" I know I cannot replicate the trim in places where it has been damaged by previous accidents or "tantrums".

My dilemma begins in the first bedroom of the house we have decided to work on remodeling to spruce up the house. Plans include all new trim and paint, new knockdown on the ceiling and the usual flooring. As I was beginning to remove the trim around the door it came to be known that to save time in the long run Garrison Milled the trim and doorjamb/casing as one piece. So to remove the trim so i can replace it with a more modern look I actually remove the casing and jamb along with it. No problem. Need new doors anyway. Maybe a nice 6-panel look.

Well since everything in these houses are essentially their own design as I removed the door I found that the rough opening only to be 33" wide give or take an 1/8".

So the initial plan to purchase prehung doors from bigbox stores to save time and the ever essential $$ is out the window since I need a 34" opening to install said doors.

What is a guy supposed to do? Should I go with a 30" door on all the bedrooms and just take up an extra inch of the rough opening? I think a 30" door will really limit accessibility to the bedrooms since the rooms are off of a hallways which is only 42" wide itself.

This solution leads to the problem of the casing on a prehung door being what...4.5" thick? The walls are only 2" as is and even if we go the route of sheetrocking the existing walls to save time on making the walls smooth we're only at 2.5". So to me this option is null and void.

The other option I can think of is Hanging my own 32" door in custom casing and trim that I piece together myself. I have not had the time to think about how I would save nearly an inch off of the "standard" rough opening design.

But with the walls as thin as they are It may end up being my only option anyway...

Any previous experience would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post I get windy when trying to describe my problems

Thanks again! (my first post here!)

gregzoll 11-22-2010 08:17 PM

I would just fix the rough openings to accept the 32" or if wanting for wheelchair accessable, if on a slab, or with a crawl, widen them to accept a 36" door if you are able to do so.

Ron6519 11-24-2010 11:56 AM

If the walls are 2" thick, why get a prehung door? You would need to take the frame apart, rip it to size and re assemble it. The only way it works is if you want the mortised positions set so you don't need to spend time dealing with the hinge line ups.

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