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boddah 03-24-2008 02:48 PM

no insulation behind wall
I did the basement last year, removed the old wood panelling and installed drywall. The exterior walls had vapour barier and insulation. The only room that already had drywall was the bathroom, so i did not redo the exterior wall. This winter i noticed that it was cold in the bathroom so i opened a wall in a crawl space under the stairs to see behind the bathroom wall (didnt want to cut holes in my finished bathroom) and there is no insulation or vapour barier. The studs are not against the block because there is a drain pipe running beween them so it is possible to insulate behind the wall instead of trying to get between all the studs.
My question is, what to use for insulating, because i cant get the vapour barier on so should i use foam board? or can i just stuff roxol in without the vapour barrier?
I hope i made this description clear enough, thanks for any input.

Brik 03-25-2008 03:11 PM

If you can fit in foam board you can get in a vapor barrier. Just use kraft faced insulation between studs with the paper against the finished side of the space. Foam board would be OK too. They even make a DIY spray foam that may work for you. See for one option.

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